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  • VLT 2807PT4B20STR1DBF00A00C00 0,75kW 195N1015

  • FC 302P7K5T5E20H1 7,5kW IP20 131B0052

  • FC 302P22KT5E20H1 22kW IP20 131F6617

  • FC 302P7K5T5P55H1 7,5kW IP55 134F2192

  • FC 302P15KT5P55H1 15kW IP55 134F2387

  • FC 302P30KT5P55H1 30kW IP55 131B6631

  •  Mjukstarter MCD 202-110-T4-CV3 200-440Volt 50/60Hz Output 200A : 110kW 400V/ac 175G5219

  • Mjukstarter MCD 201-015-T4-CV1 200-440Volt 50/60Hz Output 34A : 15kW 400V/ac 24V/ac/dc manöver 175G5177

  • Mjukstarter MCD 201-015-T4-CV3 200-440Volt 50/60Hz Output 34A : 15kW 400V/ac 110/240 V/ac manöver 175G5166

Tillbehörs kort

  • 130B1246

  • VLT® PROFIBUS Converter MCA 114
  • A special version of the PROFIBUS options that emulates VLT® 5000
  • commands in the VLT® AutomationDrive. The VLT® 5000 can be replaced by
  • the VLT® AutomationDrive, or an existing system can be expanded without
  • costly change of the PLC program. For upgrade to a different fieldbus,
  • the installed converter is easily removed and replaced with a newoption.
  • This secures the investment without losing flexibility.
  • The option supports DPV1.


  • VLT profibus option card MCA-101
         MCB101 General Purpose I/O VLT® FC unctd


  • MCB 101 – Advanced I / O option
    Expands the number of freely programmable Control inputs and outputs around the following I / Os:
    – 3 digital inputs opto-decoupled 0 – 24 V.
    – 2 analog inputs 0 – 10 V.
    – 2 digital outputs NPN / PNP switchable 24 V
    – 1 analog output 0/4 – 20 mA


  • Robust, efficient data handling thanks to advanced Producer/Consumer
    technology. ODVA’s strong conformance testing policies ensure products
    are interoperable, and the AC-drive profile, supported using I/O
    instance 20/70.21/71, secures compatibility to existing systems.


  • MCB 112 PTC – thermistor relay MS220DA In connection with ATEX certified explosion-proof
    motors for full motor protection. Certified PTC sensors are the sole protection required.
    Integrable module with ATEX-compliant full thermal motor protection
    1 PTB-certified PTC thermistor input
    1 switch-off signal for using the Safe Stop function
    1 logic output for error identification


  • Adds 7 digital inputs and 2 analog outputs for increased flexibility. 4
    SPDT relays. Meets NAMUR recommendations. Galvanic isolation capability.